Rotten Tomato  

Coming soon...

For real this time. The new website is under development, this won't be another page under construction for 10-years.

You don't believe me? Well that's fair. This site does just seem to keep going back under construction, but this time I'm really trying to make it work.

You can expect:
  • Full honest reviews of vacation properties, hotels, resorts, cruises, etc.
  • The ability to post your own reviews (meeting certain criteria).
  • The ability to post comments to the reviews.
  • Lots of pictures to go along with the reviews.

What you won't get:
  • Advertising: We won't advertise for anybody or the competition of anybody who may have been or may some day be reviewed by this site.
  • Censorship of bad feedback: The beach house was a mess? The rental company was rude? As long as it's not baseless slander, includes no personal information, and includes no profanity, it will be posted.
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